The Membership Everyone Needs to Achieve Personal Growth

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The Membership Everyone Needs to Achieve Personal Growth

Shape+Foster offers a holistic and affordable approach to self improvement.

Personal development is a multi-billion dollar industry that often benefits from people not hitting their goals. After reading an insightful and often overwhelming self-help book, actioning the findings often stalls, with the curious reader instead picking up the next book, and so the merry-go-round continues. In fact, a recent study polled over 1,000 people who invested in personal development seminars/courses, set goals, and worked on those goals for 90 days.

The data from those polls was pretty shocking — 96% of their personal development efforts completely failed.

Shape+Foster is a membership site that is looking to change this. Rather than the usual ‘be your best self in 30 days’ approach, the app offers a slower paced journey – with only 2-3 hours of content to consume per month for 12-months. There are six experts a member will learn from. These professionals have curated unique programs in mental health, nutrition, fitness, finance, life coaching and yoga. It’s a one size fits all, holistic approach to improving your mental and physical wellbeing. Further to that, community also plays a massive part, with all the social media features you have become accustom to, live events, challenges and more.

“I think the failure stats around personal growth are really due to the instantaneous expectations often associated,” said Community Founder, Calum McGuigan. “I don’t have time to read three books a month and make 20 changes to my diet tomorrow to be my best self. And apparently that doesn’t work for 96% of people either, so let’s change the approach. Let’s learn from different pillars essential to a healthy heart and mind over a longer duration, at a slower pace, and not beat ourselves up or throw in the towel for ‘falling behind’ after 2-weeks.”

Shape+Foster’s slogan is ‘Six Experts. Actionable Insight. One Community.’ What is listed last here is really what should be at the forefront – community. The app has integrated this very well, to make members not feel like they are going through the journey alone. Members are essentially strangers to each other, but they are binded by the sense of self growth, and they are enabled to interact with each other freely which really ties them together. A pat on the back from another member for hitting a smoothie(!) goal, or a personal share – it might be the motivation you need on tough day. It might just be the reason you keep coming back and stay on track to be in the 4%.

Membership is $99 USD per year, but all newcomers are given a 7-Day Free Trial to check it and see if it’s a good fit for them.

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