Kickstarter campaign launches new underwear brand specially designed for men with a glorious belly

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Kickstarter campaign launches new underwear brand specially designed for men with a glorious belly

Dad Bod Underwerks is the latest underwear line which comes with an innovative collection of underwear that is exclusively designed for men with a rocking dad bod.

Forget the embarrassment of unwillingly showing rear-end crack every time you bend down. A California-based couple, Danny and Kimberly Fox-Alverson, has recently launched a new line of men’s underwear on Kickstarter, specifically designed for men with glorious bellies. Titled “Dad Bod Underwerks”, the latest underwear collection features an innovative design that prevents showing rear-end crack when someone with even a little bit of a belly, bends down.

“We are excited to bring you our innovative line of DAD BOD Underwerks undies, also known as “Dundies”, which are exclusively designed keeping men with epic dad bods in mind. If you have got a rocking dad bod, you are well aware of the embarrassing undies malfunction you have to face every time you bend. The outdated waistband of regular undies immediately plunges down in the back whenever you have to bend, thereby exposing your butt crack to the world. I have been in the same situation myself, and I know the struggle. I have searched the market long and hard to find comfortable underwear that would save us from such mishaps but could not find a suitable option in the current market. It’s this crisis that led us to develop our line of underwear that are uniquely designed to eliminate risks of underwear mishaps for men with glorious bellies”, stated Danny Fox-Alverson, the co-founder of DAD BOD Underwerks.

What makes Dad Bod Underwerks’ undies different from traditional men’s undies is their intelligent incorporation of extra materials and innovative design, especially at the backend. The additional thickness of the band along with a design that puts the waistband higher in the back then the front plus some special magic that prevents the band from rolling up keeps the waistband from plunging every time one (with a glorious belly) bends down or bends over. Put simply; the latest underwear is effectively designed to keep the whole backend covered, even when the user is in motion.

“Dad Bod Underwerks’ undies are born from real-life experiences and to address the embarrassment that men with big bellies like me have had to face all the time, by talking with my friends and family I discovered that lots of men share in my problem, even those with a little bit of a belly have felt the shame of exposing their crack to the world.. Our new line of underwear will not only save your grace when you bend down but also when your fine shirt decides to spring up due to strong wind around.”


The initial versions of Dad Bod Underwerks undies were made at home for test samples. After a successful trial and the creation of a professionally manufactured prototype, the Fox-Alverson’s teamed up with an American manufacturer to carry out the production in large batches.

“We assure you premium quality underwear made using best-sourced materials and manufactured by a renowned manufacturer right here in the USA. There has long been a huge demand for underwear exclusively designed for men with big bellies, and we are finally filling in the gap today. At present, we are looking for mass production and hence this Kickstarter campaign. Your generous support would enable us to bring Dad Bod Underwerks to life and make things easier for men with dad bods.”

Backers will be rewarded with special Kickstarter discounts on Dad Bod Underwerks undies. To learn more or show your support for the campaign, please visit their Kickstarter here [LINK].

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