INGENIUM JEWELLERY gives a peek into its colourful world filled with impactful pieces of fine jewellery

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INGENIUM JEWELLERY gives a peek into its colourful world filled with impactful pieces of fine jewellery

INGENIUM JEWELLERY, established 2020 in Vienna, Austria, is out to take centre stage in the industry after it dropped its first pieces of fine jewellery made from silver and solid gold with natural elemental gemstones. The brand stands for extraordinary design, impactful and personalised pieces of fine jewellery. 

“I have always had an immense passion for jewellery. Many times, however, I found myself browsing through jewellery stores or online shops not really finding what I was looking for. Something truly extraordinary, of high quality, and impactful. A personalised piece of jewellery that I would love to wear every day. And one day, that is how I came to found INGENIUM,” company founder Christina Muehr states on their website. 

Central to INGENIUM is that every piece of their jewellery is made with natural elemental gemstones, tailored to the individual to bring out each person’s exceptionality. “Elements are something mystical. While they are incredibly beautiful, they are also very powerful and potentially dangerous. Like elements, we are exceptional in our own way. Every personality is unique, with good and bad habits, emotions, dreams and drawbacks. And this is a good thing,” Christina said in a statement.

What is more, a portion of every purchase goes to organisations making an impact to protect the global environment. Here, the organisation that is donated to depends on the piece of jewellery purchased. For every purchased related to the air, earth, fire and water element, INGENIUM donates to One Tree Planted, the International Rhino Foundation, the Rainforest Trust, and the Coral Restoration Foundation, respectively. Through this, the brand gives customers the chance to make a direct impact based on their element.

The founder stresses the value of elements, gemstones and personalised pieces of jewellery. “Your element is your choice, based on your zodiac sign or simply by reflecting on yourself. Your elemental jewellery displays your individuality, raising awareness to trust your instincts and savour your path. It reminds you of the things you do well and the ones you may have to work on. Things in which you can help others and where you might need a little support. Ways on how to build stronger and better relationships with those around you. It reminds you about the actions you take, and their impacts on others and yourself,” Christina said.

Those looking to purchase can head on to INGENIUM JEWELLERY’s online store to check out its small but finely made range of jewellery pieces. Every order comes with worldwide free shipping, and a customer-friendly exchange and return policy.

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