‘Imagineer Your Future: Discover Your Core Passions’ by Les LaMotte Reveals the Journey of Being an Imagineer

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‘Imagineer Your Future: Discover Your Core Passions’ by Les LaMotte Reveals the Journey of Being an Imagineer

‘Imagineer Your Future: Discover Your Core Passions’ by Les LaMotte Reveals the Journey of Being an Imagineer

‘Imagineer Your Future: Discover Your Core Passions’ by author and Imagineer, Les LaMotte.

The book illuminates his journey with colorful photos and illustrations of being and living as an Imagineer. Those inspired by the genius of Walt Disney will have a reason to read this book. Penned by Imagineer Les LaMotte, ‘Imagineer Your Future: Discover Your Core Passions’ delves into the adventures inside the world of imagination. 

Drawing inspiration from pioneer Imagineer Walt Disney, LaMotte followed his childhood dream to become an Imagineer. The book is an insightful reflection of that journey filled with challenges, colors, fun & passion. ‘Imagineer Your Future: Discover Your Core Passions’ guides you to make informed choices to begin the career as an Imagineer of the future. 

Les LaMotte had always admired Walt Disney’s works and lived by his words, “If you can dream it, you can do it.” LaMotte drew from these words to build his empire as an Imagineer and even collaborated with Disney later in life. He described this experience as a dream come true! The book guides future Imagineers to seek & discover their core passions before taking the faithful leap. It cites insightful instances from LaMotte’s successes and failures to help readers make an informed choice. 

In the book, LaMotte talks about the humble start to his eventful journey. His grandfather taught him the wonders of designing, building, and flying his first kite and the rest, as they say, is history! Talking about the passion behind penning this book, Les said: It is not about fame and fortune. I know all too well because I was there once with my own business. And it is not religion or politics, but it is about your life, and how to make it satisfying, for you and the ones you love. Take action now, making positive steps to achieve the results you dream of and deserve by putting the effort to begin.

Readers of ‘Imagineer Your Future: Discover Your Core Passions’ will be treated to the wisdom of life, of pursuing the dream, unrestricted by boundaries. They will learn to accept their passions without falling into the stereotypes set out by society. A reflection of his self with observant knowledge of setting up a business, this book is a rollercoaster ride of creativity, passion, professionalism, and life at large, at once.

To get a copy of the book and know more about the author, visit: https://www.amazon.com/Imagineer-Your-Future-Discover-Passions-ebook/dp/B08XC3VS3M/ref=sr_1_1?dchild=1&keywords=imagineer+your+future&qid=1618344198&s=books&sr=1-1

About the Author

Les LaMotte is a man of passion, unafraid of chasing his dreams. His journey as an Imagineer started with $14 and a pocket full of creativity. He started a self-study course through Art Instruction schools in ninth grade and 50 years later designed and founded Xtra Lite Displays. Having worked with numerous international clients of repute, Les LaMotte has built an empire with his avant-garde graphic designs, structural display products & systems, product designs, and solar & electrical innovations.

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