The 100-Year Legacy of Tiger Balm that Continues to Gain International Recognition

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The 100-Year Legacy of Tiger Balm that Continues to Gain International Recognition

Tiger Balm remains one of the top analgesic brands in the global market. Once a staple in the medicinal cabinets in Asian households, the brand continues to gain recognition and make new waves as top influencers and celebrities become part of its cult following. Now reaching peaks like that of other bona fide global phenomena, the iconic hexagonal jar, traditional herbal ointment, and motto “Works Where it Hurts” has become widespread, catering to the needs of an ever-expanding target segment.

USA – 18 JUNE, 2021 – Tiger Balm is now a centenarian brand – and, perhaps more surprisingly, producing some of its most revolutionary products yet. Rising to the top with innovative product launches like Tiger Balm Active Muscle Spray together with old classics such as Tiger Balm Ointment it has returned to its position of a cultural powerhouse. Leveraging data, the brand has been better able to address changing customer demands. As a resultant effect, seamlessly penetrating beyond the Asian borders, making its way towards the spotlight with mentions and features by the famous.

Newfound Generation of Users

Tiger Balm has long sailed from the stereotype of being a product for the older generation since its active introduction of product-line extensions in the 1990s. Tracing back to a Chinese herbalist in the 1870s, its key ingredients, including camphor and menthol, remain while products like pain relief patches and sub-brands like Tiger Balm Active were launched to reach a newer audience. Paired with the brand’s proven track record, this refreshing move towards a contemporary context led to innovations that meet consumer expectations and unsurmountable recognition. Garnering endorsements from celebrities and athletes around the world including most recently professional basketball player Jeremy Lin and Hall of Fame American acrobatic gymnast Kristin Allen. The brand, to this day, is regarded with a kind of awe that remains unrivaled in the muscle pain relief market.

Making its Mark on a Global Scale

Currently available in many countries around the world, such as the United States, Sweden, and Japan, international customers can purchase Tiger Balm products online and in-stores. Tiger Balm is the Topical Pain Relief brand which is distributed in the most retail channels; with major U.S. and international retailers such as Walmart, CVS, Walgreens, and Target, Natural/Health Food Store, Asian Supermarkets, Sporting Goods, Hardware Stores. The global reach of Tiger Balm does not seem to be haltering any time soon. Add to that the signature Tiger Balm ingredients and reminiscent scent, and the solace that consumers find in knowing that the product remains unchanged, its stand on the global scale is unequaled.

About Tiger Balm

Tiger Balm, a product manufactured under Haw Par Healthcare Limited, is one of the world’s leading topical analgesics. Since its inception in the 1900s, the brand has continued to balance traditional medicinal practices with modern innovations, supporting its expansion to countries like Malaysia, Hong Kong, China, and more. Investing in quality and product safety, Tiger Balm products are approved by the regulatory authorities in countries such as Australia, the United States, and Germany, a testament to its unique pain-relieving formulations that have been trusted for over 100 years. Striving to create dedicated solutions that address specific symptoms related to pain and discomfort, Tiger Balm continues to inject its oriental wisdom into its extended line of products.

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