Bestselling author Julie Hewett builds small habits to reach big goals

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Bestselling author Julie Hewett builds small habits to reach big goals

Practice visualizing where you want to be in one year, five years, and even further into the future so that you can take intentional action today.

Julie Hewett started her career as a virtual assistant to entrepreneurs, then launched her own association management company. In those positions she had to be dedicated to details and organization, so it’s no wonder she has developed a structure for how she works with coaching clients in her latest business, guiding them toward their life and business goals. She created an acronym—FOCUS—for the five elements around which she helps clients gain clarity.

First up is Financials, really knowing where your revenue is coming from. Next is your Organizational chart, which could refer to your team of employees or, if you’re a team of one, it could refer to the vendors you work with or any strategic partners you have. The C represents Customers or Clients: How are you finding, retaining, and serving them? Julie calls U “the fun part,” because it’s about you as the business owner: What are you bringing to the table? Are you achieving what you expected to achieve by building the business? Last are the entrepreneur’s Systems—specifically, systems of operations and accountability. “Without them,” she explains, “a business is not going to grow.” Looking at all the areas together, Julie helps people bring their entire business into focus.

As a female entrepreneur herself, Julie loves working with other women business owners, and guiding them to take those first steps. “Part of it is really understanding what you want it to look like in the end. And if you’re not sure what the end is, let’s look at five years from now. And if that’s still too difficult, let’s look at one year from now, with as much clarity as you can possibly get. And then start thinking about why you are doing this in the first place. Get really clear on the why. And then when you put those two together, magic happens.” She recommends making this type of thinking and visualizing a habit, even 15 minutes per day. Then you can prioritize your time and tasks and move forward intentionally. Check out Julie’s services and blog posts at or connect with her on Instagram and Facebook @JKHewett.

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