Aspect Underwriting Informs Clients on How Income Protection Insurance is Calculated

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Aspect Underwriting Informs Clients on How Income Protection Insurance is Calculated

Aspect Underwriting is an Australian-based specialist insurance intermediary. The company offers underwriting, broking, and consulting services and wishes to help its clients understand income protection insurance.

Income protection insurance policies are designed to provide the holder with income replacement in case an injury or illness impacts their capacity to work. The success of an income protection claim depends on the policyholder providing sufficient evidence, proving the injury/illness was the cause of disablement. 

Many people suffer long-term consequences of being out of work without coverage. In numerous cases, victims of crippling injuries and illnesses were forced to sell family homes, enroll their children into more affordable schools, delay retirement plans, and resort to taking loans to resolve urgent bills. These and many other consequences are common actions for workers without income insurance policies.

Aspect Underwriting, an Australian-based specialist insurer, offers comprehensive income protection insurance solutions that offer benefits of up to 85% of the holder’s income. Aspect Underwriting’s income protection insurance products aim to promote a quicker return to health by alleviating the stress of financial insecurity.

When the specifics of any income protection insurance policy are determined, the applicant’s circumstances are the most contributing factors to their premium.

According to Aspect Underwriting’s experts, income protection is particularly suitable for applicants in most employment categories, including full-time, part-time, and casual employees; self-employed or small business owners that cannot rely on sick leave/holidays; people that tend to provide for others, and people that have not resolved their mortgage debts.

The income protection calculation revolves around multiplying the applicant’s annual income with the coverage expressed in percentage; the result is to be divided by 12, as in twelve months. Applicants can expect to receive up to 85% of their income with Aspect Underwriting, whereas contemporary insurance companies rarely offer beyond 75%. 

The income protection premium may decrease or increase depending on numerous policy options and specifics related to each applicant/policyholder. Additionally, longer waiting periods paired with shorter benefit periods typically reduce the cost of the income protection insurance policy. 


Insurers calculate the income protection insurance by relying on multiple criteria, such as the person’s age, occupation, waiting/benefit period, smoking status, and more. These factors are observed both individually and as a group; as certain elements may affect others (i.e. smoking status and applicant’s health can be related).

Seniors are more prone to illnesses than young adults, while smokers typically suffer from a series of lung-related health issues. On the other hand, persons with an extensive medical history are at higher risk, while certain occupations are more dangerous than others.

The solutions provided by Aspect Underwriting include accident and health insurance. The professionals at Aspect Underwriting boast over four decades of combined experience in the accident and health insurance space. 

More information about Aspect Underwriting and its services is available on the company’s official website.

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