Barbara Halcrow’s New Self-Care Book, Comprehensive Strategies to Boost Mental Health Wellness

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Barbara Halcrow’s New Self-Care Book, Comprehensive Strategies to Boost Mental Health Wellness

This book is a compass to attain proficient self-care and enhanced mental wellness despite the vagaries of contemporary times – exactly what we need right now!

The strain and demands of daily life, especially in such a century fraught with increased instability across multiple spheres, can leave one feeling depleted and unable to enjoy what even a new day has to offer. For so many of us, this state of internal weariness affects relationships amongst our family, friends and work mates. Unfortunately, many people still continue to live in a state of ongoing fatigue, and struggle with feelings of anxiety, depression, and a variety of other mental health concerns.

Author, Barbara Halcrow, in using her insightful knowledge of the interrelation of mind, body and spirit, has been committed to changing this situation, by assisting people to deeply value who they are and to take better care of themselves; for it is recognized that only a well-nourished soul can best enrich the lives of others.

Owing to her deep intuition, empathy, and strong connection to the power of nature, Barbara Halcrow embarked on a journey of increased self-awareness and spiritual development. She sought opportunities to increase her understanding of the dynamics of the connecting energy that permeates all facets of life, and moves beyond our physicality. Her passion spurred her to further studies in the realm of energy healing, both at home and abroad, earning her certifications in Reiki healing and medical intuition from notable Canadian instructors.

Barbara Halcrow utilizes this wide scope of knowledge and her years of experience to address the mental wellness concerns of many people through her book and courses, which are laced with deep spiritual nuggets that guide the reader to become the best version of themselves. Her book, Ultimate Self-Care: A Holistic Guide for Strength and Balance in Changing Times, is a compendium ofthe author’s personal experiences with her own self-care, and offers holistic, practical and alternative tips, exercises and strategies on maintaining and improving one’s body, mind, and spirit. For caregivers and service providers as well, Barbara’s book is invigorating, thoughtful, and provides in-depth suggestions that help promote readers’ greater awareness and knowledge, about the range of ways to more fully and lovingly, care for our whole selves.

Barbara Halcrow’s website blogs, book, and online courses are inspirational and designed for people of all ages, and vocations, who want to manage stress and improve the quality of their lives. Her resources are the result of a deep conviction in the personal strength, resilience, joy, and fulfilment that can be obtained, when a person offers themselves grace, care, and self-nourishment, which can translate to successive positive changes – first within themselves, and then to the other precious lives connected to theirs.   

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About Barbara Halcrow

Barbara Halcrow holds a Master of Social Work Degree from the University of Manitoba, Wpg., Canada. She is also an alumnus of the Arthur Findlay College of Spiritualism and Psychic Sciences at Stansted, England. Barbara has also trained in several levels of the Melchizedek Method at the Kamadon Academy in Australia and has gone on to receive certification in Reiki healing in Vancouver, Canada. Barbara also recently completed a course in medical intuition from the International College of Medical Intuition, Inc. in BC, Canada.

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