Things To Do First After Being Injured in a Car Accident, According to Campano Law Group

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Things To Do First After Being Injured in a Car Accident, According to Campano Law Group

Drivers fear navigating the legal road alone after a car accident. With Campano Law, drivers no longer have to go it alone. Campano Law Group, known for its strong advocacy and fair compensation, shares insight on what to do after a car accident and recover what they deserve.

Many drivers are still unaware of what to do immediately following a car accident. They should follow specific steps to ensure they have the best chances of getting full compensation for their injuries, according to Campano Law Group.

“A car crash can change your life forever. Some insurance companies will try to take advantage of you. That’s where the Campano Law Group comes into the picture,” says founder and owner Attorney Angelo F. Campano, who has been using his twenty-five years of experience practicing law on both sides of the country to get the compensation his clients deserve.

For someone injured as a result of a car accident, hiring an experienced attorney to represent them is the ultimate choice, according to Atty. Campano. Unlike the insurance company, a lawyer will have the client’s best interests in mind and will fight to ensure maximum compensation for their injuries. 

“For me, I start off at the end knowing where a client’s case should end up, and that’s how I begin the case. The length of time it takes to settle depends on a lot of things. However, the most important thing is the medical care the client is receiving from a doctor,” explains Attorney Campano, known for his litigation involving employment and personal injury law.

What determines the worth of a client’s case, according to Atty. Campano, is the type of medical treatment they receive, the length of time they get medical treatment, and the type of injuries they’ve suffered because of the auto collision.

For car accident compensation, there are certain documents clients should bring during their first meeting with the law firm. These include a police report, any photographs of the accident or injuries, information about their own car insurance, information about the other driver, medical bills/paperwork, their health insurance information, and any details about potential witnesses.

However, there is a certain thing clients should not do after a car accident, according to the Campano Law Group. 

“They should not call the other person’s insurance company. The reason why they shouldn’t call the other person’s insurance company is because the other firm is not going to work for them. They’re not going to help them,” says Attorney Campano. 

Marion H., a client of the Campano Law Group, had a minor car accident but suffered major damage to his neck. She had to have surgery to repair the damage, having C3-C7 repaired, which she described as “a very scary surgery.”

“Mr. Campano came to the hospital to visit me. He called to check on my recovery. He seemed more like a friend than my lawyer, but a lawyer he is. Mr. Campano settled my case without having to go through litigation,” says Marion, who lauded Attorney Campano for taking care of his legal issues “in a friendly and professional manner.”

Jo Long, another client, was involved in an auto accident on Sierra Highway going from Lancaster to Palmdale. Since it was early in the morning, there were no witnesses, and the other party blamed him for the accident.

“I sought some advice from Mr. Campano. He was very knowledgeable and confident about my situation. It took about five months, but Mr. Campano was able to get a car accident settlement for my damaged car and my injuries. I didn’t even have to pay for the towing. Most importantly, he got the other guy to admit fault, so I didn’t get a ding on my driving record,” wrote Jo.

Those who wish to know more about car accident settlement negotiation and legal representation can visit for more information. 

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