Jett Abatte: From California to the World – The Inspiring Story of a Young Surfer

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Jett Abatte: From California to the World – The Inspiring Story of a Young Surfer

At the age of 8, American Jett Abate follows the tips of his father, the former South American professional surfer Emiliano Abate. 

Born in California (USA), little Jett Abate is only 8 years old and already exudes experience on the waves. Revealed by the surf school in  Pacific Surf School, on Pacific Beach, Jett has evolved in training and has traveled the world surfing iconic spots in places like Nicaragua, Costa Rica, Hawaii, Brazil, Bali, and Mexico.

Jett’s father is a former professional surfer Emiliano Abate, who, in the 90s, left Rio de Janeiro to build a new chapter of his history in California. In the city of San Diego, Emiliano founded the Pacific Surf School, where more than 200,000 students have learned how to surf since 1997. The school operates surf lessons on Pacific Beach, Mission Beach, Ocean Beach and La Jolla, in San Diego, and offers group classes, semi-private and private. For more information, visit

Passionate about surfing and skateboarding, Jett inherited his father’s passion for the sport, and has always had the entire structure offered by the Pacific Surf School at his disposal. “Since his early years, he stayed at surf school willing to learn, and then he never stopped. After 20 years of teaching to my friend’s children and other clients, I was able to pass on some of my knowledge to my son as well”, says his father, Emiliano.

Along with his father, Jett has already had the opportunity to surf some spots around the Planet and to share the waves with many world talents in the sport, such as the world and Olympic champion Italo Ferreira, the young talents Jackson Dorian and Erin Brooks, among others.

Jett Abate’s courage on days with bigger waves always caught Emiliano’s attention. “I started pushing Jett in the waves and I was impressed with his attitude. Sometimes I was worried that I had put him in a stronger wave, but he would fall and get up laughing, asking for more (laughs)”, recalls his father. “Jett has always been very fond of adrenaline, and that makes his evolution a lot easier. He is a lovely child who is growing up outdoors, learning early to value and take care of the environment”, adds Emiliano.

In addition to California, his main residence, Jett usually spends a few months of the year in Nicaragua. “When winter arrives in the United States, we go to Central America, where we launch the ‘Surf N’ Stay Nicaragua’ program, with surf sessions, accommodations and a lot of adventures. Jett loves Nicaragua, especially Playa Colorado. There, he enjoys all that tropical weather, that green water, not to mention the natural beauties. It is also a very important place for his development”, explains Emiliano.

His favorite maneuvers are: tube, cutback, snap, floater and slam. Jett has participated in several amateur competitions and has already collected good results, winning events in California, Costa Rica and Nicaragua.

Earlier this month in San Onofre/California, he scored two 10s at the opening event of the Western Surfing Association’s a very important amateur league in the US, – one in the quarterfinals and another in the semifinals. Jett didn’t get the best waves in the finals and ended up in fourth place in the Under 9 category.

Despite his young age, little Jett Abate already dreams of becoming world champion. The path to becoming a professional surfer is long and arduous, but in the meantime, he is taking advantage of the tips from his father and the surf lessons in San Diego, putting everything into practice by training hard, traveling and competing. “He is very dedicated and has already shown since he was little a spirit of leadership, in addition to a lot of talent and courage. He loves to make friends in the water so he can surf with them later. I’m very proud because Jett loves what he does and is enjoying every moment of his life. That’s what matters”, concludes Emiliano.

For more information on the up-and-coming athlete, visit his website at

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