Jana Haraty: From the Enchanting Fields of Bekaa to the Glittering Lights of Hollywood

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Jana Haraty: From the Enchanting Fields of Bekaa to the Glittering Lights of Hollywood


In a tale that weaves through the enchanting landscapes of Bekaa, Lebanon, to the pulsating heart of New York City, actress Jana Haraty emerges as a rising star with an inspiring journey marked by passion, dedication, and a commitment to breaking barriers.

Early Life and Journey to Stardom:

Born on February 20, 1998, in the picturesque town of Bwerej, Bekaa, Lebanon, Jana Haraty’s journey to becoming an actress commenced with a childhood spark ignited during ballet classes. The pivotal moment occurred when her teacher introduced a kids’ acting class, and Jana found her calling under the spotlight. Despite initial resistance from her parents, who were not supportive of an acting career, a compromise was reached – a degree in film. Jana’s formative years were spent at film school in Beirut, where she delved into directing, scriptwriting, and performance arts in the Arabic theatre.

However, tragedy struck on August 4th, when the devastating explosion in Beirut shattered the city she loved. Motivated by a desire to rebuild and pursue her dreams, Jana moved to New York, attending The New York Film Academy and the Lee Strasberg Theatre and Film Institute to hone her acting skills.


Breakthrough Roles and Notable Projects:

Jana’s journey into the world of acting began as an assistant director on the prominent Lebanese show “Al Hayba 4,” where she gained invaluable experience and inspiration from seasoned actors. Her first acting role came in the form of the play “Sketch of New York” in the bustling city itself, showcasing life, struggles, and the beauty of New York through improvised sketches.

Haraty’s notable projects include the Iamsaif music video shot in Brooklyn, New York, and a series of short films like “Fragile Handle with Care,” “Sinner,” “Undo,” “I Love Your Best Friend,” “Layla,” and “My Monster,” shot in both New York and Beirut.

Current and Upcoming Projects:

Jana Haraty is set to dazzle the silver screen with an upcoming sci-fi action film by Carl Jackson Studios. Additionally, she is in the process of co-writing a comedic TV show, “Jiran,” alongside director Kareem Jrab. This groundbreaking series delves into the youth of Lebanon, challenging censorship and hypocrisy while showcasing the vibrant city of Beirut through the lens of love and laughter.

Collaborations and Charitable Endeavors:

Haraty’s collaborations with directors like Samer Berkawi, Kareem Jrab, Carl Jackson, Lena Abyad, Geoffrey Horne, and Andres Plazas showcase her versatility and commitment to excellence. Beyond the entertainment realm, Jana actively supports charitable causes, notably the “Together We Can” initiative started by her family in 2020 to aid the impoverished people of Bekaa during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Social and Environmental Advocacy:

Jana’s commitment extends to raising awareness for the animals of Lebanon. She passionately envisions a future where all stray animals are sheltered, fed, and protected from harm. Using social media as a platform, she advocates for funds to support this vital cause

Personal Milestones and Achievements:

For Jana Haraty, leaving Lebanon to build a life in New York represents a monumental milestone. The challenges of adapting to a new culture and breaking through industry expectations have been daunting, but the rewards are evident in her pursuit of a dream nurtured since childhood.

Fashion Sense and Public Persona:

Jana’s public persona is reflected in her fashion choices, embracing the rich agricultural roots of Lebanon. Through social media, she shares film-inspired pictures of nature, theatre, and cherished memories with friends.

Notable Appearances and Quotes:

In the world of fashion, Jana graced Paris Fashion Week, attending the Elie Saab Fall/Winter 2023-2024 show. Her notable appearance was matched by profound advice from Alan Rickman, emphasizing the importance of life experience for actors.

Red Carpet Appearances and Future Events:

While she had plans to attend the El Gouna Film Festival 2023, it was sadly canceled due to tragic events in the Middle East. Nevertheless, Jana Haraty remains a shining star on the rise, poised for many more red-carpet appearances, premieres, and events in the future.

As the curtain rises on Jana Haraty’s illustrious journey, it’s evident that her story is one of resilience, passion, and a relentless pursuit of dreams. From the serene landscapes of Bekaa to the glittering lights of Hollywood, Jana’s ascent mirrors the very essence of her craft – an art that transcends boundaries and connects hearts. As she continues to grace screens and stages worldwide, Jana Haraty stands not just as an actress but as an inspiration to aspiring talents, proving that dreams can indeed be achieved with unwavering determination.


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