Share experiences of traveling by motorbike with BM Tourist Vietnam Motorbike Tour Club

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Share experiences of traveling by motorbike with BM Tourist Vietnam Motorbike Tour Club

Vietnam is a beautiful country located in Southeast Asia, which has been voted by international travel magazines as one of the top tourist destinations in Asia for many years. One of the most popular tours here is the motorbike tour by Vietnam Motorbike Tours Club. So what makes this form of travel so attractive? What do you need to prepare when traveling in Vietnam by motorbike? Let us share with you this useful information!

What is attractive about motorbike tours in Vietnam?

Rising as a trend, in recent years, Vietnam motorcycle tours have attracted a large number of participants. With just a motorcycle, you will have the opportunity to explore the beautiful nature, people, and country of Vietnam. 

According to our observation, the biggest reason why international tourists choose motorcycle tourism in Vietnam is the freedom in itinerary, time, and location. Many tourists have expressed that they feel uncomfortable when traveling by car or bus in Vietnam, as they have to follow the schedule of the tour operator, only visiting certain fixed locations. But with motorcycle tours, they can freely choose the destination and departure time. In addition, many tourists who have experienced it also said that this form of tourism helps them connect with more friends who share the same interests. 

They can interact more with local people, learn more about Vietnamese culture. Some tourists who do not like crowded places have mentioned that motorcycle tourism allows them more choices, to enjoy pristine nature, peaceful scenery, and fresh air, away from the noisy city.

Vietnam motorbike tours

Must-visit destinations when traveling Vietnam by motorbike

Traveling in Vietnam but not sure which destination to choose? Don’t worry, let’s go through some highly rated places by international tourists. 

Ha Giang Loop

One of the most beloved destinations for international tourists when visiting Vietnam is Ha Giang. Ha Giang is located in northern Vietnam, with a border road adjacent to China. Therefore, this place is famous for cross-border motorcycle tourism, where you can explore Vietnam and China by road without too many procedures. When coming to Ha Giang, you will admire the majestic and magnificent natural landscapes, and meet friendly and hospitable local people. 


Near Hà Giang, with similar terrain, Sapa town also attracts many speed enthusiasts. This place will conquer you with majestic high mountains, steep cliffs, treacherous valleys, and ethnic villages hidden in the mist. In addition, when coming to Sapa, you will enjoy local cuisine, chat with indigenous people. 


Not as famous as the two above locations, but Huế attracts tourists in its own way. Located by the romantic and peaceful Perfume River, the city of Huế carries within it the values of historical and traditional culture. Prominent are the Imperial City of Huế, the History Museum, Thiên Mụ Pagoda, traditional craft villages, street food culture,… 

Best time to explore Vietnam by motorbike

You can travel to Vietnam at any time of the year. Each season has its own beauty, offering different experiences. For Northern Vietnam, spring from March to April and autumn from September to November each year are the best times for motorbike travel.

During these times, the weather is cool, less rainy, providing opportunities for you to admire the best of Ha Giang, Cao Bang, Sapa, and Halong Bay.

If you love the waves and sea breeze, the salty taste of the sea, you can conquer the roads of Danang, Nha Trang, Phan Thiet, Mui Ne in all months of the year.

Choosing the right motorbike for your Vietnam trip

Depending on the terrain and type of travel, you can choose different types of motorbikes. Off-road bikes are suitable for rugged terrains, steep hills in Northern Vietnam. They are designed to move in the most difficult conditions and provide an excellent driving experience.

Furthermore, for coastal roads, straight and less steep, you can choose automatic scooters. They are easy to control, smooth to ride, and suitable for women as well.

Motorcycle adventures in Vietnam

Vietnam Motorbike Tours Club – the leading tour organizer in Vietnam

If you do not know which motorbike tour is safe and affordable, then Vietnam Motorbike Tours Club is the top choice. This organization was established by BM Travel Adventure Experience and is the leading tour organizer in Vietnam. BM Travel provides all types of motorbike tours, from luxury to budget-friendly, suitable for various types of travelers.

Some outstanding advantages of Vietnam Motorbike Tours Club are:

  • Experience: The team of experienced tour guides and staff successfully organizes hundreds of tours, thousands of tours each year, making Vietnam Motorbike Tours Club the top choice for you. They can provide many different tour packages, from individual tours, group tours or family tours, with various segments.

  • Passion: The tour guides at BM Travel all have a passion for speed and motorcycles, with many years of experience. Therefore, they not only provide you with useful instructions but also are excellent companions on the journey to explore Vietnam.

  • Safety: Safety is always their top priority. Before starting the tour, they always provide their customers with necessary knowledge and the best quality motorcycles.

Safety tips for motorbike trips in Vietnam

Motorbike travel is definitely a great experience for you in Vietnam. But for a safe and smooth trip, you need to prepare for good health, able to endure long journeys on challenging terrain. Bring appropriate clothing for the weather, personal items, and some essential medical supplies. During the trip, obey the traffic laws of Vietnam, stay in the correct lane, do not drive fast, pay attention to the surroundings. Do not travel in bad weather conditions, with rain and fog. 

Vietnam Motorbike Tours is the top choice for you. They offer many different tour packages suitable for solo travelers, groups, and families. In addition to motorbike tours, they also have resort tours in Ha Giang, Ha Long Bay, cross-border tours, etc.

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